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Health Benefits

Pain is like a warning signal for your body.

A survey conducted in 367 people in Singapore revealed that most Singaporeans endure their pains for an average of 13 months before deciding to seek treatment.

Are you one of them?

Some of the recurring pains / problems can be improved or relieved by organic calcium:
Joint & muscle pain
Night-time leg spasm / cramps
Premenstrual syndrome

How can calcium help with so many symptoms?

Mineral relationship is very complicated, with minerals depending on one another.
For example, Calcium requires a balance of Magnesium in order to be fully utilised by your order.

Calcium is not just required for building healthy bones, joints and muscles, it is also important to help your brain function optimally.
Without sufficient calcium, you may experience anxiety-like symptoms and even suffer from Insomnia.
Other more common problems like premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menopause can be improved as the body loses a lot of calcium those stages and Calcium supplementation has been proven to improved the conditions.

Ready to stop suffering in pain?

Your body can only perform optimally if you take care of it.
Ignoring the warning signs and consuming tons of pain killers to mask the pain may lead to bigger problems in future.

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