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• Countries with little Boron in their soil have a higher occurrence of Arthritis among their people

• 50% of subjects who receive Boron supplementation during a Osteoarthritis trial reported improvements

• 79% of participants in another trial found reductions in joint pain, stiffness and inflexibility with Boron supplementation

Most of us know that Calcium is important for strong, health bones.
But what many of us do not know is that minerals have a very complex interaction web; one mineral may require two other minerals for our bodies to effectively utilise them.

For example, in a study of post menopausal woman, in a boron-deficient diet, the participants demonstrated a loss of magnesium and calcium. 
When the participants were placed on a boron-supplemeneted diet, not only did they demonstrate a smaller amount of loss in calcium and magnesium, there was an increase in levels of two hormones associated with health bone mass.

Mineral supplementation is best done with a balance of minerals from food sources.
They dissolve quickly in your body, pose far lesser health risks (if any), and provide a good variety of minerals.

One of the reasons why many of our customers love Live2Move AlgaeCal is that it has naturally occurring Boron in its ingredient, Algae Calcareas.
FruiteX-B® OsteoBoron, which has a dozen of published studies on its positive effects linked to inflammation of bone and joints has also been added to create our holistic health supplement.

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