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Intimacy may not be the only problem affecting your sex life.
Most people may not realise this but Calcium deficiency may lead to lowered energy levels, irritability and in some cases, insomnia.

Any change in your feeling of well being due to a calcium deficiency will often decrease the desire for sex, which may leave your partners frustrated.

Some studies have suggested that females with lowered calcium levels, may experience a degree of numbness or lack of sensitivity to the skin.
This may cause a person to feel less intense pleasure during sexual activity and may even lead to some level of psychological withdrawal.

Calcium supplementation may help to ease deficiency symptoms, over time, combined with some light exercises, you may start feeling more energetic.

Magnesium (also found naturally in AlgaeCal’s organic calcium), it helps to ease distribution of hormones in your body and may help to improve your sex drive.

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